Create your own Trioova profile to include an about me section, services, specialties, education and certifications. Offer telehealth, virtual health and online health sessions to expand your market and offer more. Stand out from the rest and join health professionals such as: Nurse Practitioners; Registered Nurses; Registered Dietitians; Psychologists; Social Workers; Psychotherapists; Mental Health Therapists; Physiotherapists; Occupational Therapists; Chiropractors; Massage Therapists; Acupuncturists; Speech-Language Therapists; Clinical Pharmacists; Doulas; Midwives; Specialized Health Professionals (i.e. Addiction Specialists and Cannabis Consultants); Nutritionists; Holistic Nutritionists; Kinesiologists; Personal Trainers; Yoga Instructors

Your Virtual Clinic

That’s right! You heard correctly. This is your one-stop-shop to run your health practice online, simply.

Manage appointments, take payments, offer telehealth services, and use messaging and media sharing to elevate your practice.

Telehealth Made Simple

And secure! With video sessions, messaging and media sharing, this is remote care made simple.

The platform is PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant, making it simple for you to run telehealth in your practice without hassle.

Remote care has never been this simple! Access new clients, reduce their need for travel and offer more.

** video and media sharing coming soon

 Telehealth, virtual health, online health, virtual healthcare and online healthcare made simple with video sessions, messaging and media sharing. Remote care has never been this simple! Access new clients, reduce their need for travel and offer more.
 Appointment booking, payment processing, receipt tracking, professional referral networking, video sessions, virtual healthcare and more! Bring the business of health online, modern healthcare is here.

Online Booking and Payments

See all of your appointments in one place and track which stage they are at.

Included in your subscription is payment processing and appointment management. At a glance you can see the status of your appointments. You can also get receipts without hassle and you get paid for your appointments weekly.

All of Trioova, for one price.

Your Online Practice, for less than a Netflix Account.

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Early Bird Pricing!

* Free Use for Patients/Clients

* Telehealth (Video Capabilities)

* One-on-one and Group Messaging

* A Full Profile (About Me, Specialties, Education/Certificates, Services and Prices)

* Personalized Public Landing Page (when profile is complete)

* Online Payments (with a 4.9% Transaction Fee)

* Appointment Management

* Customizable Receipts for Every Appointment

* File Storage and Sharing - coming soon

* HIPPA/PIPEDA Compliance

* Fully Encrypted and Secure 

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* Associations/Not-for-Profits

* Public Health Professionals

Set up your online practice in just 10 minutes!

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Basic Information

Your name, desired username (make sure you don’t forget this! You’ll use it to log in) and email.

Pro Tip: Make sure you select “Health Care Professional

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Stripe Registration

In order for you to accept payments, you need to sign up for a Stripe account. This is the same system used in companies like Airbnb & Uber that have a marketplace element to them.

Pro Tip: Stripe can be a little sticky, use the tab button to move from field to field.

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Professional Verification

Trioova verifies every professional on our platform. This is necessary to give our clients the certainty that they are booking services from licensed professionals.

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Subscription Payment

Submit your subscription payment and you’re on your way! You get a 7 day trial, so you will not receive an invoice until the payment goes through. You’ll hear from the team within two business days.

You will hear from Trioova when your account is verified and ready! This can take up to two business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this brief video to learn more about becoming a Trioova Professional!


1. What is the working relationship between Trioova and Professionals?

Trioova Professionals are Independent Contractors running their own private health businesses through Trioova. As a Trioova Professional you are able to make your own practice decisions, control your own schedule, set your own prices and maintain your own practice.

2. How is security maintained?

Trioova is compliant with HIPPA, PHIPA and PIPEDA legislative standards and goes beyond standards with information encrypted, 256 bit keys used to authenticate users & track file access & permissions. Learn more about how security works here.

3. What does it cost customers to sign up, what does it cost me?

Trioova is free for your patients/customers. As a Trioova Professional you pay a subscription and transaction fee. The current subscription amount is $8/month (billed annually). When a customer pays for a service through Trioova, health professionals keep 95.1% of their service fees, Trioova keeps 4.9% (transaction fee).

4. Are there any additional fees?

Nope! Everything is included in the subscription and transaction fee (4.9%), rest assured. Part of this goes towards the (the 2.9% + 30 cent/transaction online payment fee in Stripe).

5. Why do I have to put in my banking information when I register?

In order for you to accept payments, the system requires you to sign up for a Stripe account. This is the same system used in companies like Airbnb & Uber that have a marketplace element to them. You can review the privacy policies and service agreement on Stripe’s website,

No member of the Trioova team can edit, view or manage your “Stripe Connect” account, it is encrypted and kept for you only. This account is “incoming only” (we cannot charge you through this account).

6. How often am I paid?

You are automatically paid weekly, based on your previous week’s earnings.

7. Can I chart or leave notes after an appointment?

Yes! In the CareDrive, you are able to upload notes, reports, files of any kind. You can even share access to the files with patients, caregivers or other health providers working with your clients.

8. How much should I charge for my services?

You choose what you charge for your own services. It is recommended that you follow guidelines set by your college/association/industry, when applicable.

9. Do my clients get receipts for their transactions to submit for insurance purposes?

Yes, clients will be emailed transaction receipts for every appointment. Proof of service receipts are also accessible within the platform at any time.

10. Can Trioova get me clients?

Trioova is a marketplace, users can be patients, family caregivers, employers or insurers. Trioova cannot guarantee you clients, however we do provide all of our providers with additional marketing tools to empower their business. Think of Trioova as your technology and marketing partner, helping you do what you do best … delivering excellent care.

Take control of your practice and contact us about marketing opportunities! Finding clients in your area isn’t as hard as it seems and we support you in your efforts.

11. Is Trioova only in Canada?

No! You can register as a health professional in the USA or in Canada.

Your Online Practice Starts with Trioova

Still unsure? Have questions? We’d love to help.

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