Keeping Family ITK

Keeping everyone ITK (in the know) when working together to provide care is so important.

But, managing and coordinating your family to care for your loved one can be difficult. Often, the burden falls on one person to organize and distribute the constant influx of important medical information. 

Keeping my Mom Happy.

"My mother is 92 years old, has become fragile after having broken two bones since the summer and her state of mind is deteriorating. As her caregiver I am trying my best to navigate her healthcare so that she can stay in her own home.

It is difficult to be always there with her and at appointments, as I work. I need help to keep her healthy and safe. So her health care needs to be shared with the family who are also involved in her care. 

Currently, my sister and brother rely on me to supply the needed medical information to them. However, it is scattered in so many different places. I find it difficult to make sure everything is in their hands when they need it. 

The healthcare I am able to provide for my mom is slowed down when I am not available or able to take the time out of my workday to distribute information or advice that needs to be shared. Our family care team and I need a way to communicate efficiently with our mom, each other and her health care providers. I think your team could help with that." - M.L.

Communication is so important for all involved, including the patient.
— M.L.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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