Your Health Care Stories are Important

Communication, collaboration and connection

These three things are becoming a more integral part of how we look at health care. Unfortunately, the health care system is struggling to keep up with the demand for more interactive care. You, likely, have a story about how at some point in the care flow, communication or connection failed and slowed down or prevented the care. Have you wasted time transferring medical documents from one clinic to another? Have you spent hours on the phone trying to track down a family member's test results? Have you taken time off work to wait at the clinic for an hour, only to find out everything was okay? We have too. 

Perhaps you are a parent that is caring for your own elderly parents' well-being. Or you are a patient who goes to their family doctor once a year. Or a clinician who's role is to provide care when it is needed. Or you are caring for a friend in who is unable to care for themselves. Or maybe, you're all of these at the same time. Everyone has a role in healthcare and each is so unique to their situation.

This is why your health care story is important. 

Your story is unique to you and telling your story is valuable to everyone else, especially those who are going through similar situations right now. Trioova needs your stories to start a conversation around the clear communication problem in current health care systems. So, no matter what your situation these stories are important. If you have taken time out of your day to coordinate the complicated process behind transferring medical files from one clinic to another clinic, your story is important. 

Help us start the conversation, and be part of the solution.

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