Become a Trioova Provider.

Are you registered as a health practitioner and looking for ways to boost your clientele?

Do you run your own healthcare business? Do you have downtime in your schedule or are looking for ways to supplement part time work?

Trioova is the solution, designed for you.

With our website and mobile application, you can join a trusted digital health marketplace that enables healthcare providers to showcase their brand, connect with potential clients and, have appointments booked and paid all in one place.

What's more? You can access health information that is shared with you, engage your clients after their appointments and maintain a referral network while remaining compliant with legislation for health information and privacy (HIPAA, PHIPA).

As independent providers, you can make your own schedule and set your own costs. Trioova's platform will enable you to increase your visibility with potential clients, seamlessly book and track appointments, and use our online payment system to streamline workflows.

With our platform launching in Summer 2018, you'll want to be one of the first. And the best part? There's no cost to sign up and join the platform.

We are currently searching for a variety of medical professionals, including but not limited to:

Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Mental Health Therapists
Massage Therapists
Social Workers

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