Set up your online practice in just 10 minutes!

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Basic Information

Your name, desired username (make sure you don’t forget this! You’ll use it to log in) and email.

Pro Tip: Make sure you select “Health Care Professional

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Stripe Registration

In order for you to accept payments, you need to sign up for a Stripe account. This is the same system used in companies like Airbnb & Uber that have a marketplace element to them.

Pro Tip: Stripe can be a little sticky, use the tab button to move from field to field.

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Professional Verification

Trioova verifies every professional on our platform. This is necessary to give our clients the certainty that they are booking services from licensed professionals.

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Subscription Payment

Submit your subscription payment and you’re on your way! You get a 7 day trial, so you will not receive an invoice until the payment goes through. You’ll hear from the team within two business days.

You will hear from Trioova when your account is verified and ready! This can take up to two business days.