Trioova Referrals

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Nurse Practitioners

Dana Magureanu, NP - Edmonton, AB

Jennifer Farrell, NP - Edmonton, AB

Mental Health Therapists/Psychologists

Angela Das, Registered Provisional Psychologist - Edmonton, AB

Bethany Zelent, Mental Health Therapist - Edmonton, AB

Tammy Woroschuk, Social Worker/Counsellor - Edmonton, AB

Takia Angus, Psychology - Calgary, AB

Registered Massage Therapists

Jinwei Guo - Calgary, AB


Social Worker

Alana Weinberg, Social Worker - Toronto, ON

Elissa Shnier, Social Worker - Thornhill, ON

Laruen Daurio, Social Worker - Toronto, ON

Mental Health Therapists/Psychologists

Elizabet Orekhova, Psychological Consultant - Toronto, ON