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Raye Willms, BSc
VP Health Markets

Raye Willms, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta. Her background in a healthcare heavy field resulted in a passion for healthcare and easy accessibility for healthcare providers, caregivers and patients. Raye also has 5+ years of administrative and entrepreneurial experience coaching and running a youth and adult karate club at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club. Through Raye’s experience and analytical mind, she provides Trioova™ with a fresh approach to internal processes to improve efficiency. Raye will assist in developing process improvements and furthering business development.

With her passion for healthcare and her driven spirit, Raye is excited to be working with the Trioova™ team as a VP of Health Markets, Raye is responsible for growth strategy, external relations, communications and digital presence.