Why Can't We?

 Visiting the start up community in Palo Alto. #WWED #WhatWouldElonDo

Visiting the start up community in Palo Alto. #WWED #WhatWouldElonDo

Innovation in the healthcare sphere is gradually picking up speed but, the uptake and implementation of these innovative ideas is far behind where I believe it should be.

Hello! I am Luke, the CEO and founder of Trioova. 

I am a system-based thinker; when I encounter a problem I fix it. I see systems with illogical and ineffective setups as a challenge; I can’t turn away from a challenge until I have a solution.

There is always a better way to do things. When there is an opportunity to simplify a process and reduce workloads with available technology, it doesn’t make sense to ignore it. Working in a private medical clinic, physiotherapy clinics, and in EHS opened my eyes to a host of different issues that could be easily solved with already available technologies. So, why haven't these issues been solved yet?

Healthcare poses a great number of problems that have gone unanswered for close to 30 years. Every element of healthcare still requires manual actions and invested time. Everything from booking an appointment to acquiring basic information is in its infancy as far as technology goes. These tasks are so fundamental to modern life that it is difficult to grasp the reason why the system has fallen so far behind.

To this point, we have decided that in order to encourage change we must be part of that change. We must become the front-runner for a digital health change. By becoming change agents, Trioova intends to bring about the implementation of virtual health for the betterment of patients, caregivers and families, while keeping our eyes on the next generation of disruptive trends within healthcare that will bring about dramatic changes in care delivery.

Why can’t we?
— Luke Butterworth