Who Are Caregivers?

It is difficult to describe who a caregiver is. There is no specific age or location that makes you a caregiver. There is no job description or organization to define them by. Caregivers are people that help others when they need it. Right now, almost one third of Canadians are unpaid family/friend caregivers and odds are, at some point in your life you will also be a caregiver.

Family and friend caregivers are at the heart of the healthcare system, caring those that need it at home after the appointments, after treatment, before and after the diagnosis and during normal day-to-day life. Caregivers do what is needed to be done because there is no one else to do it and it is absolutely amazing.

April 3rd is National Caregivers' Day. We know you do this amazing work and we are here for you.

When and where you need it. 


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