There MUST be a better way.

Everyone on the Trioova team is ridiculously passionate about what we are doing, and everyone has a different perspective on why. So, I decided to ask "What was your moment?". By this I mean, when did you throw your hands up in the air and feel like shouting "Why isn't this EASIER!?"

What was your moment

Adam Simmons, our adventurous and driven COO, told me the moment he knew he had to find a better healthcare solution. "I moved to Edmonton about 3 years ago, and soon after getting here I got very sick. At one point, I was picked up in an ambulance and brought to the hospital. Sick, delirious and alone with no one around to support me. All of my medical information was locked away in some EMR in Ontario and I had absolutely no way to share my medical details or history. So, the wonderful medical staff did what they could, rehydrated me and sent me on my way. 

Two days later, and 10 times worse, I had to go back. Shockingly, no one could see my previous visit information, and of course, I didn't have copies of my discharge papers. I had to verbally repeat myself when I could barely speak and after waiting in an emergency bed for 8 hours. I couldn't believe it, and all I could think was "there must be a better way"."

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It really shouldn’t be this difficult.
— Adam Simmons

Fair enough. 

With his background as an insurance professional, Adam saw first hand the power that having all of your medical information in your own hands gave to the patient and how important it was for the right people to have access to this information. Experiencing it first hand was totally different and motivated him to help you, the patients and caregivers that go through these difficulties every day.

So, Adam decided to join Luke (our CEO), create Trioova and be the change.