Young Carers in Canada

There are almost 500 000 young carers in Ontario between 15 and 24. Help us bring awareness by joining the conversation #YCAD


"Young Carers are children, youth and young adults, who are in a caregiving role for a family member needing assistance with their daily lived experience due to chronic Illness, disability (physical or intellectual), mental health issue, addiction Issue or socio-economic factors (ie. language barrier, single parent household, military, jail, etc.)" - The Powerhouse Project

According to the Ontario Caregivers Coalition - There are almost 500,000 young carers in Ontario between the ages of 15 to 24 years old. As we know, young carers also include children and youth that fall under the age of 15, but who are not reported within this figure (Stamatopolous, 2015; Stats Canada, 2006) 17% of Ontario’s 3.3 million family caregivers are young carers (between 15 -24), although young carers are often a forgotten group. Or to look at it a different way, 28% of 15-24 year olds report being a caregiver.