Meet the team.

We are a diverse team of professionals with experience in the areas of healthcare, insurance, human resources, data science, information technology & actuarial sciences with a mission to change the way people think of healthcare. We are acutely aware of the issues that caregivers, patients and clinicians all face; we are here to help. Together, we can get to the heart of healthcare; lets raise the bar for the security of our information and allow for greater collaboration between all key stakeholders to achieve better health outcomes today. 

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Luke Butterworth, Hon B.H.K
CEO and Founder

Luke Butterworth completed his Kinesiology degree at the University of Windsor. Afterwards he worked for physiotherapy clinics, private medical clinics, EHS and health insurance companies in numerous roles. For the past 7 years he was also a dedicated member of the Canadian Forces. At this time he is an MBA candidate at the University of Alberta in the full time cohort, with a specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship. Luke's work experience, discipline and motivation is well suited for Trioova's™ target market. He will ensure that this company experiences growth and prosperity while providing social initiatives that give back to both the Alberta and wider Canadian societies. 

Luke holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and ensuring that the vision is fulfilled.

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Adam Simmons, Hon B.H.K, PGAP
COO and Co-Founder

Adam Simmons is a co-founder of Trioova™ and holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics majoring in Movement Science. Adam has completed post-graduate studies in Bioinformatics specializing in Biological Data Analysis and has extensive hands-on experience in complex multidisciplinary care as a Kinesiologist within community based rehabilitation settings and private disability insurance as a Rehabilitation Consultant. Through these experiences, Adam has personally witnessed the multiple challenges facing the patient and treatment providers across both public and private healthcare settings. Adam, alongside Luke Butterworth and Mike Bildersheim envisioned a significant improvement in communication between healthcare providers was possible through the use of digital health technology and co-founded Trioova™ to realize this vision. 

Adam holds the role of President & Chief Operations Officer and is responsible for Trioova™ operations.

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Michael Bildersheim
CMO and Co-Founder

Michael Bildersheim grew up on his family farm outside of Brooks Alberta. In 2010 he attended the University of Alberta to pursue a degree in Immunology and infection. Mike has 2 years experience in basic science research. His research focused on further understanding the interaction between viruses and host cells. Currently, Mike is an MD/MBA candidate at the University of Alberta. Mike hopes to use his experience gained from family business and the MBA with his medical and research background to bring innovative solutions to the problems faced by the Canadian healthcare system and ensure all patients enjoy healthcare that is both accessible, timely and of the highest quality.

Mike is responsible for the research and development of future Trioova™ projects in the healthcare space and holds the title of Chief Medical Officer.

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Darryl G. Humphrey, PhD, PMP
Chief Technical Officer

Darryl Humphrey has 20+ years’ experience advising clients on the pragmatic use of emerging technologies and how to maximize value from technology and data investments.   As an early mover in the commercial uses of the Internet, Darryl assisted Silicon Valley stalwarts and start-ups in the transformation of their value chain from the back office to the POS, on-line or off.  

Darryl has substantive experience managing service delivery including custom software development, business case development, PMO setup and operations, project prioritization methods and tools, program and project management, RFP development and execution, and managing vendors on behalf of clients. He has published on predictive model development using large scale data sets, cloud computing adoption strategies, and the evolution of enterprise architecture as a business strategy enabler.

Darryl has extensive Big 4 management consulting experience and applies a high level of discipline to deliverable development, project communications, and controls. He has served public and private sector clients across Canada, the US, and Europe.  

Darryl is responsible for the strategic coordination of the software development process and holds the title of Chief Technical Officer.

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Raye Willms, BSc.

Business Analyst

Raye Willms, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta. Her background in a healthcare heavy field resulted in a passion for healthcare and easy accessibility for healthcare providers, caregivers and patients. Raye also has 4+ years of administrative and entrepreneurial experience coaching and running a youth and adult karate club at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club. Through Raye’s experience and analytical mind, she provides Trioova™ with a fresh approach to internal processes to improve efficiency. Raye will assist in developing process improvements and furthering business development.

With her passion for healthcare and her driven spirit, Raye is excited to be working with the Trioova™ team as a Business Analyst. 

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Jennifer Keith, BCom, MBA

Chief People Person

Jennifer Keith, after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction in Human Resources and Business Law, has been working in the HR field for 6 years in government and the utilities industry.  Jennifer recently received her Masters of Business Administration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and brings a broad range of human resources experience to the team.

With a passion for innovation, technology, and people, Jennifer is excited to help Trioova™ build the organizational structures and talent to ensure its effectiveness today and into the future as Chief People Person. 

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Jesse Little, FSA

Chief Financial Officer

Jesse Little is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and Associate of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Applied Statistics and Probability with a Business minor, Jesse worked in Toronto for a pension consulting firm. Jesse's experience provides Trioova™ with significant financial acumen and he will help provide guidance with investment and strategic related initiatives. Currently, Jesse is pursuing his MBA at the University of Alberta and is a CFA Level 2 Candidate (June 2017). 

Jesse is responsible for the fiscal operations of the Trioova™ Corporation and holds the title of Chief Financial Officer.