Meet the team

We are a diverse team of professionals with experience in the areas of healthcare, insurance, human resources, data science, blockchain development & information technology with a mission to change the way people think of healthcare. We are acutely aware of the issues that caregivers, patients and clinicians all face; we are here to help. Together, we can get to the heart of healthcare; let's raise the bar for the security of our information and allow for greater collaboration between all key stakeholders to achieve better health outcomes today. 

CEO and Founder

COO and Co-Founder

Chief Technical Officer


Chief People Person

VP Health Markets


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Our Advisors

We have a strategic group of advisors with a wide set of experience. They offer insight into the needs of caregivers, patients and clinicians, the inner workings of small businesses and market demands in digital health. 


Our Partners

Our partners allow us to do even more, learn more about becoming a partner here.