Our Story

Connected Care

Trioova™ began when Luke Butterworth identified gaps in communication throughout the healthcare system. Specifically, communication channels between a patient’s multiple clinicians and caregivers were cumbersome and disconnected, making it frustrating to find information, understand results or engage everyone that needs to be part of the conversation. Communication was often slow and disjointed, preventing patients from getting the quality and speed of care they needed. Trioova's™ Founders, Luke & Adam identified a need for a communication and collaboration platform to be used by the complicated networks of caregivers, patients and clinicians.

Our healthcare systems are rapidly moving towards connected care with interdisciplinary teams and health plans and yet we are constantly struggling with old technology, like fax machines. Luke, Adam and the Trioova™ team worked together to create a digital health solution that is simple, modern and functional. 

Trioova's™ team has used the combined experiences from our network of people to empower healthcare in the hands of caregivers and patients. We have listened to stories from people involved in all aspects of care and use them to fill gaps in healthcare interactions. If you have stories you'd like to share about healthcare communication and medical information management, please send them to info@trioova.ca. We are all a part of healthcare - we are all in this together!

Team Experiences

Adam's Story

Adam learned how a disconnected healthcare system can affect patients, the hard way. Adam recently experienced a personal health crisis, and was left disappointed when he arrived at the hospital in an ambulance only to realize his medical records were not available. Having recently moved to Edmonton, he did not have any of his medical files on hand. They were stored in an EMR all the way in Ontario. Accessing them would have required time, coordination and multiple faxes. In a situation that could have been extremely dangerous, having your medical information readily accessible can mean your life. Learn more about how this drove Trioova's™ creation, read out Founder's Stories on our blog.

Patients, and their caregivers, should have complete access to their information. Anywhere, anytime.
— Adam Simmons

Caregiver Experiences

Stories about caregivers carrying binders with them from appointment to appointment, hours lost tracking down medical information and unengaged care teams give us a mission.  We have heard stories involving hours of wasted work coordinating the movement of medical information from one family member to another, as they manage the care of their parents. Having an electronic medical passport for yourself, and your loved ones can change the way you look at your health. We want to help you balance your life by giving you the tool you need to organize medical information and manage the care you give to your loved ones. No more paper, no more faxing, you can store medical information for yourself and your loved ones electronically. 

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