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Marketing Subscription Options

1. I’ve Got This

You’re already here and this costs you nothing up front!

You use Trioova at no up-front cost to you AND you get your own personal Landing Page when you complete your profile. You can see your landing page at www.trioova.ca/firstname-lastname.

2. I’d Love Some Help (Google Ad)

Your Ad Budget + $10/month Set Up and Maintenance

We will create and maintain your Google Ad for you! You can from three Google Ad Budgets ($0.50/day, $1.00/day, $2.00/day). You choose the amount and we’ll do the rest.

3. Give Me a Boost (Google + Social Media Ad)

Your Ad Budget + $20/month Set Up and Maintenance

We will create and maintain your Google Ad ($0.50/day, $1.00/day, $2.00/day) and a Social Media ad ($2.00/day, $3.00/day, $4.00/day) for you! We will design the social media ad around your practice, target your practice around your location and target market. You choose the amount and we’ll do the rest!

4. Customize it!

You Ad Budget + $10/ad/month Set Up and Maintenance

Payments will be sent to you as invoices at the beginning of every month. These must be paid to continue the advertisements.


Marketing Materials

Do You Want Business Cards?

You can order generic (right) or personalized (left) Trioova professional Business Cards. Just fill out the form below, to submit an order. We will follow up with you, send you the invoice and the cards will be delivered directly to you.

Cost - Generic: $55 + shipping

Cost - Personalized: $55 + shipping

MockUps of Marketing Materials.png

Print It Yourself

Download postcards you can get printed at Staples or your local print shop. 4x6 inch postcards

MockUps of Marketing Materia (1).png

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Why Marketing?

Make sure your potential clients know you exist! Apart from referral networking, marketing can have huge benefits for you! Find new clients, create an online presence and get your name out there!

Marketing your business can be time consuming and overwhelming. Why not let us help?

With Trioova’s Marketing Packages, you can reach new clients with various digital ads. We’ll do all the hard work (design and create your ad(s), personalize the key words and target audience, monitor key work performance, track “clicks”, “impressions” and “reach” to ensure you are getting the most of your ads) and you can sit back and watch!

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Tips and Tricks

How to select a platform

You have basically four main platforms, depending on your practice you can select the best one for you. Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Google is great if people are searching for your service or for the health issues you treat. It can be targeted to a specific location and linked to key words and phrases. Instagram is a more visual platform, families, millennial and business owners are on it. Facebook is great for reaching students, families, older groups of health focused clients. If you are unsure what is best and are hesitant to jump in too fast, Google is a great place to start! You can dip your toe in the water and test it out.

Setting a budget

A lot of things can go into setting the right budget for ads. You have to consider your location, your competition, how popular your key words are, what platform you are using. The cool thing about setting a budget is you only pay when people click on your landing page. So, you only pay when you get results.

You can always change it

Online ads are easy to change! If you don’t like your results, try something new. That’s the best part!

Still unsure?

Let us know! Contact us at marketing@trioova.ca. We’ll set up a phone call to go over your needs and find the right solution for you!