Trioova helps caregivers.

Trioova™ offers an unparalleled opportunity for caregivers to manage medical information for the patient and connect with clinicians in new ways. We know balancing care can be difficult, we want to make caregiving easier.



Connect - create a care network specific to your needs.

Communicate - access to your care information enables your ability to advocate.

Collaborate - engage strategic care teams to organize your care.



  • Professional Health Navigators.
  • One-on-one and group messaging.
  • Share, store and manage medical information securely and simply without paper or faxing.
  • Sort, find and schedule healthcare providers.
  • Health professionals available for tele-communications and in-home visits.


Our Mission for Caregivers

Our mission for you is to empower the care you give to the ones you love. We want to help you organize medical information, bring you into the care circle and help you personalize these processes to increase balance.