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Adam Simmons, Hon B.H.K, PGAP
COO and Co-Founder

Adam holds the role of President & Chief Operations Officer and is responsible for Trioova™ operations.

Adam Simmons is a co-founder of Trioova™ and holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics majoring in Movement Science. Adam has completed post-graduate studies in Bioinformatics specializing in Biological Data Analysis and has extensive hands-on experience in complex multidisciplinary care as a Kinesiologist within community based rehabilitation settings and private disability insurance as a Rehabilitation Consultant. Through these experiences, Adam has personally witnessed the multiple challenges facing the patient and treatment providers across both public and private healthcare settings. Adam, alongside Luke Butterworth and Mike Bildersheim envisioned a significant improvement in communication between healthcare providers was possible through the use of digital health technology and co-founded Trioova™ to realize this vision. 

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