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How will Trioova benefit you?

We are making care simpler so you can focus on what really matters.

Care teams need powerful, reliable and secure tools to communicate effectively. Trioova™ is all about connecting the most critical members of a patient's care team so that organic communication can occur. With the connections established, all members of the care circle can send and receive one-on-one and group messages, share files and see what they need to know.

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What exactly is Trioova?

Trioova™ is the complete Virtual Home Health solution. Designed for patients, caregivers and families, Trioova™ provides a Trioova Navigator (a personal medical assistant) and access to professional in-home or remote health services all through a digital platform. Trioova™ simplifies healthcare for everyone involved by providing a secure blockchain-based digital platform with seamless integration for payments, booking and service provider ratings all enabling a personalized healthcare experience.

It is a desktop and mobile software platform that brings caregivers into the centre of care. With higher than standard security, Trioova™ builds a visual health history timeline of medical interactions, diagnosis and treatment changes that can be shared with anyone directly involved in their care. Learn more about our features.

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Trioova is simplifying healthcare communication & collaboration for caregivers, patients and clinicians.
— Trioova

Care teams can connect, communicate and collaborate easily with the messaging and file management features. Learn more about the importance of these features in our blog and read our story to learn more about who we are.


Trioova is the digital health solution that empowers caregivers, patients and clinicians.


Stay tuned, Trioova launching Spring 2018.